Lesson Plans and Ideas

On this page you'll find some of my own plans and ideas for lessons, as well as lesson plans I have found on the web.

Wool Felted Beads or Balls

This is a wonderful lesson to introduce wool and how it felts to students of all ages. I worked with 3rd grade and they produced some really nice bracelets with their wool beads, and some even created small sculptures with wool beads, plastic beads and wire. A larger sphere can be made with the older students and then needle felted to create an around design on the surface of the sphere. The spheres can be displayed by hanging, or several sized spheres can be made into a mobile. Please see attachment below (Video on youtube by Crunchyparent.com) for directions on creating the wool beads and sphere.

Crunchyparent.com link on YouTube on create a felted ball. Please note that they video continues onto a part two.

The Felt Tent People

On this website you will find all the information on the ancient nomadic people-the Mongols. These people lived in round wood lattice framed felt covered tents called Ger or also be known as a Yurt, which were portable. This is a wonderful way to introduce a culture and felting all in one class! Students can build a miniature Yurt, then felt to cover their yurt. With todays economy Yurts are become popular here in the united states as a more economical way of living. This may also be another topic to add to the lesson. For high school level students, this could be a wonderful group project combining wood shop and textile art together in create a life size Yurt for the school. Their Yurt can be used for several school events such as in sports (example: during a football game to sell drinks and school T-shirts etc...). For younger grades pipe cleaners can be used for the construction of the Yurt and then students can create their own felt for the covering (see link below for lesson).

LINKS Information on Mongols

Lesson Plan on creating a Yurt

Felted Shoes, Mittens, and Hats Creating functional Art with resist felting: Another way to introduce this medium is to create something artful yet functional for students to wear. Students can be extremely creative with this project. Wet felting as well as needle felting can be combined, along with a class on dying wool. Please see below for a link on directions for making a felt "flat" simple shoe, and documents on felting mittens and hats. Note that a large piece of already felted wool will be needed to make the shoes. Please see the document on "create felted wool" for directions. If you'd like to make this a "green project". Have students bring in old wool suits, wool sweaters, or coats, Machine felt first then cut pattern. Students can then decorate them with needle felting. Please see Machine fulling instructions in document below.

Pat Spark : on this site has valuable information on felting! There is a list of "how to" instructions for wet felting with a resist and much more!!

Felting a Hat: Please navigate to the "instructions for wet felting" for this project

Mitten Pattern: This is a basic pattern I found on Purl Bee . Please note that the pattern requires knitting for the cuff, to avoid knitting simply elongate your pattern bottom by 2". The mittens pattern is for a med/large hand. This pattern also requires a piece of already felted wool.

Felted Shoe Pattern and Instructions:Simple Shoemaking Co.

Sculptural Needle Felting: Creatures and People

I have added some videos by Kay Petal found on youtube with basic instructions on building a face and body for both people and animals. This is a building process which can be used to create tiny to massive sculptures! I would recommend that it only be used with the High School level students, students will be working with a barbed needle and inserting it into the sculpture in various directions (much different than just poking onto a foam board).

Painting with Wool lesson plan ideas: (I will be adding photos of finished projects and lesson plans soon!)

Self Portrait with needle felting, Landscape with wet felting and needle felting ,Self Portrait with wet felting , Gesture Drawing with wet felting.

Dyeing Wool with Natural and Synthetic Dyes Lab Lesson: